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Welcome to the official Anonymous Paradice website.
Anonymous Paradice is a punk rock band from southern California. It consists of Sara (guitar, vocals), Daniel (bass, backing vocals), and Brandon (drums). Our friend, Alex, plays back-up guitar on a few songs (check the "Member News" page for absolutely nothing (ok, a little) more on him...). Thanks for checking out our site.

Alright, how's it doing, friends? I hope all is well. Sara, here. Just dropping by to make sure you're all doing good. Band stuff is underway. Danny and I have been working on new songs, and let me just say - it's sounding great. Unfortunately, Brandon has left us. He will be going into college next year and he is working with another band, Amnesty. But we still love him and are close friends with him. We'll keep you updated on all that shit. We're looking for a new, flexible drummer, so if you wanna play with us, give me an email. We'll be posting requirements on our MySpace and such soon. So keep checking back.
Also, Danny and I wanna give a quick thanks to somepeople: Dave Quackenbush (The Vandals) for hooking us up with backstage passes at the Flogging Molly/Vandals/Goldfinger show; All of the Vandals, especially Warren Fitzgerald and Dave for hanging out with us and for signing the tickets; Flogging Molly for putting on an awesome show and letting us watch from the stage; all the nice people backstage who let me take a ton of pictures of the Flogging Molly on stage; and Kathy Thomas for all she did for us. The night was awesome. Pictures of the band and a full review will be up on my MySpace very soon. Check it out later.
Alright, well, for now, I'm out. I'll catch you all very soon. Be sure to drop me an email anytime. Take care. And thanks again for your loyalty, love, and support.
All the best, Sara...

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